Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to learn and get inspired. Short of doing it yourself, there is nothing better than getting an inside look at the process of your favorite creator or artist. It’s also a great medium for makers and artists to share a bit of the “why” and “how” in their projects. Here are just 3 of my favorite podcasts that I think will inspire you each time you listen.

Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Show

One of the podcasts from the folks at Tested.com, Still Untitled is a fun and informative look into the mind of Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame). Each episode is about 30 minutes and 99% of the time those minutes are packed with stories about projects (new and old), musings on movies, thoughtful current events commentary, and gems of wisdom that any maker can appreciate. Adam’s maker philosophy focuses on hard work and enthusiasm; virtues I strive to bring to my own craft.

Adam’s take on being a maker is honest and refreshing and Still Untitled is one of the first shows I look for each week. I think I can honestly say you’re missing out if you haven’t tried it.

Destination DIY

Part of the Maximum Fun family, Destination DIY takes a very broad view of do-it-yourself. The host, Julie Sabatier, shares stories about everything from tiny houses and hands-on butchering, to spacesuits and family planning, and anything in between that can help you live a more creative, thoughtful life. This wide net means Destination DIY is filled with inspirational stories and probably has a little bit for every one. I regularly find myself doing a little extra research after listening so I can learn more. The only real downside is that this podcast kind of makes me want to move to Portland.

Destination DIY doesn’t have a regular update schedule, but is well worth a listen when it does drop. According to the website, the name might be changing soon, so if Destination DIY doesn’t get you there, visit Maximum Fun directly to stay in the loop.


Ok, so I know StartUp seems like an odd choice for this list. But since I harbor a not-so-secret desire to start my own business, this inside look into building a podcasting company is fascinating. It’s not every day someone talks about the process of a “start-up” without trying to sell you something. The host brings you in every step of the way, sharing moments that are often painful but almost always instructive.

Start-up is highly produced, part of its charm of course, but its relative transparency keeps me curious each week. For creative people who are thinking about going into business and going big, Start-up is a great place to see how at least one creative team is doing it.

While I was writing this post, I realized I listen to a lot of podcasts but not enough of them are exclusively about making or DIY. Please share your favorites below so I and others can add them to our listening lists.