When I recently made my Squirrel Tail Chalk Bag, I was reminded of a quick organizational tip I implemented several weeks ago. The convenience of having all my fabric and scraps in one place and clean was so nice, I had to share.

Store your fabric in vacuum spacesaver bags to reduce your storage needs and protect your fabrics.

Step One

Unearth your collection of fabrics from wherever you’ve been keeping it and spread it out in one place. I was storing yardage in three distinct places, so my couch turned out to the best spot. You can then neatly refold and organize your fabric by type and texture, or by the type of projects you want to use them for. This way, you will have to open fewer vacuum bags when hunting for the right material.


Step Two

Pack your fabric into vacuum spacesaver bags and suck all the air out. I bought my bags on the cheap from Harbor Freight; which I might regret in the future but for now they work just fine. By packing all my fabric away into spacesaver bags I reduced my fabric storage space from 3 separate areas to one, large blue bin. It even has room for more. I better start a new project. 😉