Keisha – Alice Isn’t Dead

Debut: GenCon 2016 |  Additional Appearances: NA

Keisha is the narrator of the podcast “Alice isn’t Dead”, the story of a woman exploring the weird and terrifying side of America while searching for her presumed dead wife. When Alice appears suddenly on the TV Keisha signs up as a trucker with Bay & Creek Shipping to find her. Alice isn’t Dead was created by Nightvale Radio.

I got excited to make this cosplay after just two episodes of the podcast; before I even knew her name. Keisha is a very anxious, but determined character which appeals to my personality.

Since the character doesn’t have a canon appearance I based my version on my own natural look and tried to supplement with clues from the story:

  • The hat is the podcast logo with the name of the shipping company Keisha drives for.
  • The outfit is a modern “trucker” look
  • There is an nametag (originally I used the voice actress’ last name Nicole before her actual name was revealed)
  • I carried a CB handset in reference to the podcast’s conceit that Keisha is talking to her wife/herself via her CB radio.
  • The t-shirt is sold by Nightvale Radio and reads “Not All Who Wander Are Found”

I debuted Keisha at GenCon 2016. Since it is super obscure I knew not to expect much attention. I did get one spontaneous recognition which was amazing. We also had fun doing a photo shoot throughout the convention hotel. I even found a truck cab to stand in front of.

Keisha is very comfortable to wear. I may bring this cosplay to a Nightvale or horror event in the future where it might be more recognizable. I also hope to improve the makeup and possibly add some injuries from her adventures.