Settler of Catan

Debut: East Bay Minimaker Faire 2015 | Additional Appearances: GaymerX 2015, GenCon 2016, GenCon 50 (2017)

Settlers of Catan is a modular territory and resource management game by Mayfair. It was one of the first so called Euro games to become popular in the USA and it is my go to game for playing with light and non-gamer friend.

This cosplay grew out of the idea of a skirt quilted from hexes a la the game’s modular board. This was the first time I quilted anything and I selected the pattern by randomly drawing terrain from the game. The single desert hex I put near my butt to be cheeky. I initially paired the skirt with a white medieval shirt and brown corset for a ren faire look at the Bay Area Mini Maker Faire.

For GenCon 2016 I updated the cosplay to be an actual character: a Settler of Catan who carries an axe to gather wood resources to trade in the future. She is confident and friendly. The major changes included the axe, a crinoline, jewelry, tall leather boots, and using hair extensions and a rat to make a beehive hairdo. The beehive gave me a better platform for the game pieces I used to decorate my hair. The GenCon reception was great and I was stopped for frequent pictures and chats about creating the costume. It is a costume that attracts mostly adult attention because it takes a minute to realize what you are looking at. It was surprisingly comfortable and my hair held up the entire day despite being the first time I had gotten it to work. I’m super happy with the result.

At GenCon 50, I had cut my hair short and didn’t have time to work up an elaborate wig. Instead I made myself a comfortable bonnet based on historical designs and SCA costuming sites. The effect was fantastic and I will continue to wear this costume with the bonnet for a while yet.