Photo (cc) Olav Rokne

Locusta the Displacer Beast

Debut: GenCon 2017 |  Awards: Second Place, Fantasy at GenCon 2017; Best Presentation Novice & Excellence in Creature Construction Novice, Worldcon 76 (San Jose 2018) | Additional Appearances: San Francisco Comic-con 2017, Worldcon 76

Locusta is a human/displacer beast hybrid from the game Dungeons & Dragons. I designed the costume to have the appearance of a rogue from the game and focused on building in as many iconic features of the displacer beast as possible (panther-like, tentacles, claws, black-purple fur). I made all of the clothing, leatherwork, and accessories except for the contacts, nose, and teeth. I recut and styled the wig to fix nicely under the hood.

The most challenging part of this costume was building the tentacles. My goal was to make them poseable and as light as possible. To get the poseability, I opted for 3 goosenecks welded together. This wasn’t strong enough to support the foam and faux fur structure of the tentacles themselves, so I wrapped the bottom third in steel wire and ran wire through the inside of the upper two-thirds. Ultimately the skeleton was strong enough to support the skin, but I completely sacrificed weight. The entire structure was approximately 20 pounds. They wore better than I expected and balanced nicely on my back.

The second challenging part of the costume was building and skinning the stilts. These stilts use the pattern from Chaos Costumes (etsy) which put me about 12 inches taller and made my feet look digitigrade. The feet were challenging to fur and I eventually used faux velvet for the toes. I need to repair the zippers/velcro running the back of the legs and do a lot more practicing to make the costume more mobile.

I Loved being up high above people and the height got a great response. At my debut event at GenCon 50, my displacer beast costume made a great impression. I got lots of photos and people found the technical aspects of the construction impressive. I participated in the costume contest and won second place in the Historical/Fantasy section.