Tanooki Peach

Source: Super Mario 3D World | Debut: Silicon Valley Comic-Con 2018 | Additional Appearances: Worldcon 76 (San Jose 2018)

Creating and debuting this tanooki suit cosplay of Princess Peach has been in the works for a long time. I originally was enamoured by the unique silhouette of the poofy pants back when the game came out for the Wii U in 2013. When I went looking for other examples, I was surprised to find very few Tanooki Peach cosplays, and none using this particular design. I knew then I had to build this costume.

The signature feature of this costume is, of course, the  poofy shorts that create this adorably plushy cosplay. I started from a simple trunk hosen pattern, and curved the bottoms of each leg to get a more rounded vs. barrel shape. Getting the right bulk was pretty challenging and after a few tries, I ended up with a split skirt crinoline over panniers to help create the shape but keep the undergarments from being overwhelming. The top was based initially on a body suit pattern, but I realized early on the fabric I wanted to use wasn’t stretchy, so I adjusted the pattern to remove most of the give, installed an invisible zipper, and skipped the crotch so it wouldn’t interfere with bathroom breaks. Clips at the bottom of the shirt connected to my corset to keep it in place while moving around.

The crown, earrings, and gloves are really what take this costume from being a raccoon to being Tanooki Peach. Since the rest of the costume is so toy like, I decided to keep the soft, fabric feel into the accessories. The crown, gems, and earrings are all made from fabric and felt with some hand embroidery and a couple of ping pong balls. Since it’s tough to find a pattern for non-stretch gloves, I opted to create my own and the resulting opera gloves were pretty good.

Tanooki Peach debuted at Silicon Valley Comic-Con where I entered her into the cosplay contest and walked the floor on Saturday. Overall she wasn’t as recognizable as I had hoped, but fortunately I had my husband with me as Fire Power Luigi and he garnered more attention. She is also quite a warm costume to wear and I while I’ll certainly take her out again, I will be taking weather into account.